Create Your Advertising Strategies in These 10 Easy Steps

Create Your Advertising Strategies in These 10 Easy Steps

If you own or run a business, you gotta have an advertising plan too. It’s gonna be your guide to promote your business. Your advertising strategies will spell out fundamental facts like your target customer, ways to reach them, what’s working and what’s not. By reviewing all the success factors and outcomes, you can improve your future campaigns and increase sales. 

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Here are the ten steps to creating advertising strategies:

1. Define the goals

Specific is terrific. For example a 20 % increase in sales 40% increase in website traffic  

2. Finalize the budget

Probably you already have the spending figure on your mind. Work backward.  

3. Choose your target audience

It’s key to figure out who are the most probable persons with specific demographics who will buy your products.  

4. Select the products and services to be promoted  

5. Perform a SWOT analysis

Run a check on your clear strengths, probable weaknesses, current opportunities, potential threats  

advertising strategies

6. Identify differentiators by SWOT analysis

Get the answer to your edge over the competition: Better quality? Better price? Use this information in your messaging to the audience.  

7. Create your advertising plan

In this step, you chart out all activities with the calendar:

  • Channels- Billboards, radio, online
  • What happens when  

8. Evaluate additional low-cost methods  

9. Launch the campaigns

Once you’ve launched, make sure to maintain consistency across all channels in terms of messaging as well as the tone-of-voice.  

10. Gain insights from the results

Did all the campaigns work as you expected them to? Probably not. Find out what worked best and why. It is equally important to find out what did not work well, in order to learn from the mistakes.

In case you created your advertising strategies for the first time, probably a few activities did not get you the results you expected. Some campaigns must have exceeded the projections too. If you pay close attention to these factors, your next campaign is going to be even better, For sure.