Debunking the myth of needing antibiotics before dental work

Debunking the myth of needing antibiotics before dental work

There are many who wonder if they need to take antibiotics before dental work. This article will focus on the use of antibiotics for dental procedures and if there are any side-effects. To make sure, you can contact Dental Excellence’s clinic in Canberra to get a consultation.

Antibiotics before dental work

Studies have supported that taking antibiotics before dental work may cause more harm than good to a patient. It would not be medically needed for antibiotics to be administered before treatment for most people anyway, so it would not be a good precautionary procedure to perform. 

These preventive antibiotics were thought to be an effective way to prevent any infections that may develop during the procedure, so they were originally part of standard operating procedures when dental operations were done in the part. Contact CP Dental’s clinic in Emerald, QLD today to schedule an appointment to make sure that you’re receiving topnotch quality dental services.

Preventive measures

Evidence has come to light that it would be much antibiotics before dental workbetter to follow preventive protocols in place of antibiotics before dental procedures. Instead of taking precautionary antibiotics, medical professionals would encourage the use of preventive measures before a dental procedure to be used. There would be a list of food that you should not consume, or maybe oral health habits that you need to follow before the procedure. You must follow these measures so that you will be ready for the procedure. 

Antibiotics would be used to prevent any infections from developing during the procedure. However, many experts say that this is not needed, and this step would cause more harm by potentially putting the patient’s body at risk to become immune to certain antibiotics.

The risks of using preventive antibiotics would be much heavier than their benefits. The primary reason why it was originally thought to benefit patients was to stop any bacterial infections from forming in the mouth during the procedure, however, there is little evidence that would support that kind of incident happens in the first place, so it would be a step that has no reasonable basis.

Conditions that would still need antibiotics

There would be some conditions that would still need the use of antibiotics before dental procedures. Certain heart conditions would still warrant the need for antibiotics because people with any issues with the heart have the risk of developing an infection in their heart if preventive antibiotics are not administered. However, even if you do have a heart condition, you cannot go on with the procedure and have antibiotics administered without first consulting your cardiologist.

What if I have a heart condition?

If you suffer from a heart condition, it would be a good idea to consult with your cardiologist before undergoing any treatment and before any antibiotics are given to you. These medicines might not react well with any current medications you are taking for your heart condition. It would be wise to have yourself cleared by your heart specialist before visiting your dentist. You should also make sure to ask your dentist about which specific antibiotics will be used for the treatment and verify with your heart specialist if these medicines would be safe for you to use.