Is Colonoscopy Without Sedation Safe? (Why Patients Prefer This Method)

Is Colonoscopy Without Sedation Safe? (Why Patients Prefer This Method)

Examinations can have several procedures according to a person’s health concern. However, it is common for a person to undergo sedation or anesthesia to prevent any individual from feeling pain. The kinds of sedation popular today are oral, IV, or laughing gas mask. Having IV sedation can make a person unconscious for a few hours during major surgery. After which, your doctor makes sure to revert you to consciousness. Many people still find that anesthesia or sedation is unsafe. If you’re hoping to have your urology examination without anesthesia, you should check if this is applicable for your condition. Ask your doctor if you are allowed to get Colonoscopy without sedation during your session.  

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Problems in the bowel are alarming, and people even neglect their colon problems. However, a person that experience problem on their urinary tract, colon, or rectum may need colonoscopy examination soon. How should you know if you have colon cancer, or any other urology or rectal problems? Symptoms such as bleeding in the anus, pain in the abdomen, drastic bowel activity changes, and extreme weight loss. Urology and Colonoscopy are both affecting the abdomen organs that may have adverse effects on each other. Don’t wait for you to have more complications in other parts of your body. 

What Should You Expect During Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a type of examination for a doctor to detect any slight issues or problems on a person’s large intestine or colon as well as the rectum. The patient must expect that this is an intrusive type of examination that involves the insertion of tubes. A doctor inserts a long flexible hose in the patient’s body to see signs of colon cancer. Most hospitals or medical facilities have virtual Colonoscopy to examine the colon and detect changes better. 

Is Colonoscopy Without Sedation A Practice Before?

Colonoscopy Without Sedation Gastroenterologist Examination

Frankly, yes, many doctors did not have the luxury to get anesthesia during previous years. Hence, many patients before the emerging sedation use had to get the exam raw. It might sound funny at first, but many doctors are even saying it’s a safer practice. Doctors say that there are 61% of the patients that say there is no pain during their Colonoscopy without sedation exam. Of course, to be sure, sedation can still be a part of your colonoscopy diagnosis. If you’re hoping to get your Colonoscopy done soon, you may ask for the guidelines and best practices during this period. Your recovery period can get affected if you are not a patient fit during this exam. 

Why Do Patients Prefer Sedation-Less Colonoscopy?

People are having their Colonoscopy without sedation more frequently as seen on many testimonials from the past three years. If you’re going to look online, you can find videos, articles, and even doctor’s notes on sedation-less Colonoscopy. Why do patients want this method instead of the traditional “painless” Colonoscopy? For one, the tube itself should have a camera that can guide the doctor guiding the tool inside the patient’s rectum and intestine. Through this method already, the patient may feel little to no pain at all. Furthermore, people may want to take less medicine (oral or IV sedation) that may have side-effects such as vomiting and dizziness. Of course, it is still crucial for the patient to remain calm and do not panic during this process.