Causes Of Perineal Straddle Injury In Males And Females

Causes Of Perineal Straddle Injury In Males And Females

Exercising is a great way to lose weight and reduce stress. Workouts can involve any gym equipment, tools, or sports-related products. You may find more about stationary bikes on this website to purchase one for your home. Getting excited with workouts can motivate you to do extreme physical activities. Sometimes, accidents and injuries may happen as most are unexpected events. Are you familiar with perineal straddle injury? If you are not careful when exercising, you may have trouble injuring your delicate body parts. Look for more information in this article to avoid or treat perineal straddle injury. 


What Is Perineal Straddle Injury?

Perineal straddle injury is a genital trauma that affects both men and women. The genitals of women at risk of this injury are the vulva, labia majora and minora, clitoris, and perineum. On the other hand, men may also encounter perineal straddle injury between their scrotum, testes, and penis. Women, particularly children, are more susceptible to female genital trauma due to the vagina’s susceptibility or urethra to accidents.  

According to pediatric genital care specialists, parents need to have an X-ray or ultrasound to detect any disease symptoms. Notably, the groin area is vulnerable to wounds, cuts, and bleeding, even from minor injuries. 


Symptoms of Perineal Straddle Injury

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency hospital or urgent care clinic right away. You may have to manage the pain by applying first-aid response to prevent severe bleeding. Regardless of the cause, a patient will need a doctor to diagnose the straddle injury’s causes and symptoms. 

  • Blood blister under the skin (hematoma)
  • Pain on the area of injury
  • Bleeding or open wound
  • Trouble in urinating or bladder pain
  • Upset stomach for men with damaged testicles
  • Swelling

Causes Of Perineal Straddle Injury For Males And Females

Perineal straddle injury may happen even outside exercising. Physical activities or sports sometimes require people to sit on cushions or seats that need individuals to balance the whole body. Cycling, horseback riding, and gymnastics require straddling in the groin area. 

According to doctors, most men experience perineal straddle injury due to riding motorbikes or bicycles. If you sit on the saddle, make sure that you do stretches and buy a cushion that is comfortable to sit on. 

However, accidents that directly impact the genital area, such as impalement or sexual abuse, can also cause perineal straddle injuries.


Dangerous Causes Of Injuries

  • Sharp or blunt object
  • A child falling due to an accident
  • Sports injuries
  • Vehicular injuries
  • Posterior and anterior laceration


Complications of Perineal Straddle Injury

Untreated perineum may cause health concerns and even bacterial infections. Without administering health care, patients with this straddle injury can have serious genital illnesses. What are the health complications of a perineal straddle injury?


Pregnancy And Postpartum

Often, women may also have perineal injuries due to labor, which can damage their genitals. An OB-GYN doctor prepares diagnosis of the common issues in pregnancy that caused severe vaginal or urethral impairment. The check-up can include looking at the hymen, vulva, or perineum with advice on managing the injuries at home. 


Sexual Problems

If blood vessels in the perineum have trauma, men may develop erectile dysfunction (ED) during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction may occur either through the inability to have a firm erection or too much priapism.  


Bladder And Urine Issues

Perineal Straddle Injury

Excretion of waste through urinating is vital for a healthier body. But, female genital trauma can be painful to do. Any urethral disease in girls and boys may also come from the disruption in the healing process of the injuries caused by the injuries. Moreover, bladder and urethral problems can also contribute to bowel movement disorders. If you see any of the saddle injuries’ previous symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor as soon as you can.


How Do You Treat Perineal Straddle Injury?

Is surgery necessary for perineal straddle injury treatment? Many causes of genital trauma can produce more significant wounds and cuts. Hence, stitches and surgery may have to be your first option. But, doctors see to it that bandages, pain medicine, a cold compress, or a sitz bath should be the priority in your treatment. Expect that a diagnostic exam, such as a physical exam or imaging tests, will determine the previous injuries’ results. Always do some preparation before your workouts.