When to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy and other FAQs

When to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy and other FAQs

Planning a family and bearing a child maybe two of the most exciting and emotional journeys a couple could have, so it is important that we know all about it. If you are in the process of adding a member to your family, how can you know when to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy? And when you need to visit a doctor, what should be your expectations and questions before your first OB doctor’s appointment?


How to prepare for pregnancy

Before knowing when to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy and doing the deed (the easiest and most satisfying part of pregnancy), there are some tips that a woman or a couple should know so their planning will effectively push through.


Know your reproductive cycle. If a woman or a couple is actively planning to have a child, knowing your reproductive or menstrual cycle is of utmost importance. A grown woman’s body regulates her reproductive function and should be calendared and noted so it is easy for the aspiring parent to know when will she be fertile and when pregnancy is likely attainable.


reproductive cycleCalculate your period. Your menstrual period starts from the first day of your monthly period to your next cycle. It differs and depends on a woman’s body, some may have a 28-day or 35-day cycle. Ovulation typically happens 14 days before your next cycle or period. This means that, for example, you have a 35-day cycle, you ovulate at around day 21 of your cycle, so it is best to take advantage of your most fertile days which as days 19, 20, and 21.


Undergo tests. If you and your partner have been trying for some time and are not getting lucky in conceiving, you can consider doing fertility tests. This test investigates you and your partner’s reproductive health, as well as your egg and his sperm count. On a woman’s part, the maturity, development, quality of the egg are tested, as well as the health of your reproductive system. The male fertility test gets information about the quality, quantity, and motility of the sperm in a semen sample submitted by the aspiring father. This determines what needs to be done and what adjustments should be made to make your pregnancy feasible.


When to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy

To know when to visit doctor to confirm pregnancy, you must first perform a pregnancy test. If you missed your period for at least 2 weeks, that is the best time to perform a home pregnancy test. Some pregnancy test sticks claim that they can detect a positive pregnancy anytime you missed your period, so if you are late for a day or two, they claim that they can easily know if you are indeed pregnant or not. Either way, if the pregnancy test turns out positive, this is the best time to go to your OB and confirm the pregnancy.